The Night With… 2021 Plans

Hello and thank you for supporting us on Patreon!

It has been an incredibly difficult year for us, planning, replanning and planning again. Even though there hasn’t been much going on publicly we have been busy in the background and as a new Patron this is your first bit of behind the scenes news before everyone else…


We are going to be releasing at least four albums this year through summer and spring!

The first is going to be The Night With… Live Vol. 2 featuring some more of the music from the 2019 season which didn’t make it onto The Night With… Live Vol. 1. 

The next is going to be an album of solo clarinet music with Joanna Nicholson. The music has all featured in previous seasons of The Night With… but we didn’t manage to record it at the time. 

The final two albums are featuring Tom Poulson, Danielle Price & Timothy Cooper (trumpet, tuba and electronics) and Turning the Elements (soprano and clarinet). These albums will be studio recordings of their programmes which featured as part of the Made in Scotland showcase in 2019. 

Depending on what level membership you have chosen you will either get 25% of 50% off these, free downloads or even free CDs!

There will be more news about the season itself soon but we are really looking forward to recording these albums and hope you are as excited as us about hearing them.

Thank you again for signing up to regularly support us.

See you all soon!