Festival Industry 2023

Before the music starts, we want to share with the Scottish classical music sector, the experiences of some of the performers and composers featured at the festival and international attendees. This section of the festival is free to attend, but signing up in advance is required due to capacity. Sign up from the ticket link above.

If you want to come to the concerts in the afternoon of either day you need to have a festival ticket. If you have yet to buy one go here

14th December

12 - 1pm

International Working

Sharing experiences and challenges of working international, bringing international artists to the UK and generally the landscape of arts elsewhere in the world. The panel will share their experiences and any insights they have from their own countries.

  • Kate Deans – International Officer, Creative Scotland
  • Ward Bosmans – International support, promotion & exchange: classical music, Flanders Arts Institute, Belgium
  • Alasdair Campbell – Counterflows & Tectonics festival, Scotland
  • Nick Roth – Composer / Performer, Board member – The Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland
  • Alisson Kruusmaa – Composer, Estonia


Showcase performance


Meet the Programmers / Commissioners

This panel will introduce explore what various commissioners and programmers are looking for and how they want to be approached. Tips and tricks to get the gig straight from those who are making the decisions.

  • Matthew Whiteside – Artistic Director, The Night With…, Scotland
  • Ivan Skender – co-Artistic Director, Music Biennale Zagreb, Croatia
  • Graham McKenzie – Artistic Director, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
  • Sergio Roberto Gratteri – Artistic Director, Das Haus, Belgium


Showcase performance


Speed Dating

Sign up to 15 minute speed dating slots here with our national and international guests.

15th December


Branding / Social media for composers / artists

Seeing yourself as a brand can feel a little weird but it is important to think about. This panel will explore what that means within classical music and how to use social media to build your brand.

  • Naomi Belshaw – Composer Agent
  • Stephanie Lamprea – Soprano
  • Miranda Heggie – PR / Reviewer for the List and The Arts Desk
  • Anselm McDonnall – Composer and Producer


Showcase performance

Paul Scully will perform About my Work II which was devised for this festival. It is a performance which seeks to both describe and demonstrate the nature of his work. https://www.paulscully.net

12 - 1.30pm

Speed Dating

Sign up to 15 minute speed dating slots here with our national and international guests.

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