The Night With… 2021 Call for Scores for Emerging Composers

Call for scores for Emma Lloyd (violin and electronics)


Deadline: 22nd March, 2021

Workshop: Online, 7th April, 2021

Concert date: tbc


The Night With… announces its fourth call for scores for emerging composers for works for Emma Lloyd to be performed at The Night With… Emma Lloyd concerts in 2021. The concert will also include works by Egidija Medeksaite and Émilie Girard-Charest.


From the initial submissions up to five works will be chosen for a workshop with Emma Lloyd. The workshop will be held online. Fewer may be selected at the discretion of the judges. One of the five works will be chosen to feature in The Night With… concerts and may be recorded for release on The Night With… Live Vol. Two (you can listen to The Night With… Live Vol. One here). This call for scores is as much about finding and developing interesting new music and composers as finding a new work that will fit within the programme.


Scores will be assessed entirely anonymously and The Night With…, as an inclusive organisation based in Scotland, particularly welcomes applications from emerging composers of marginalised gender identity.


All scores must be submitted under a pseudonym. Any scores with identifying marks will be discarded.


The shortlist will be chosen by a panel consisting of Emma Lloyd, Matthew Whiteside (CEO/Artistic Director of The Night With…) and a composer external from the programme.


Works are ideally for violin and electronics however solo violin works will be accepted.


Submissions can be between 5 and 10 minutes long.


Pieces must not have been premiered; however they do not necessarily have to be written for this call. Prior workshop performances and readings do not count as a prior performance.


It is recognized that composers can begin their career at any age. Therefore ‘emerging’ is loosely defined by the composer themselves though will be at the discretion of judges.


Example definitions of emerging include:

  • Currently in education or recently left
  • Have worked with an orchestra for a development opportunity (e.g. RSNO Composers Hub, LSO Soundhub) but not received regular commissions orchestral or otherwise
  • Not have an exclusive agreement with a publisher

These are not exhaustive examples.


Attendance at the workshop is required. Each work will receive at least 30 mins of workshop time. Each composer shortlisted will receive a £100 workshop attendance fee.


It is intended that the workshop will be documented through recording and photography/film. This is so that the composers involved will have a read-through recording and/or video of their work for their own non-commercial use (e.g. future applications). However, should a composer wish to upload the work to a public platform (e.g. their website or Soundcloud) this must be agreed between the composer and performer.


The workshop will be open to the public and free to attend.


Submission Process

Send all submissions matthew@thenightwith.com with the subject line ‘Emma Lloyd call for scores – [pseudonym]’. Within the email include:

  • an anonymous PDF score with pseudonym. Filename format: ‘[pseudonym] [piece-name]’
  • Max patch, tape part or any instructions (see ‘Tech Rider’ below)
  • a midi mockup of the piece (optional)
  • composer biography, up to 350 words in text format (e.g. .doc). Do NOT send as a.pdf. (this will not be used for judging the shortlist. Once checked for eligibility it will not be viewed again in connection to the score until the shortlist has been drawn up for marketing).
  • headshot



Tech-rider and other advice


  • violin
  • reasonable detuning is acceptable
  • mutes available: regular tourte mute (plastic), wooden (home-made), metal practice mute


  • DPA 4060 x 2
  • Contact mic (home-hackery)


  • Macbook pro – can run max (6/7/8) patch and ableton sessions. For other software please enquire.
  • Sound cards (various)
  • Arduino UNO


  • Line 6 FBV express MKII programmable MIDI controller (4 x footswitch, 1 x expression)
  • Korg nano-control
  • MUGIC wireless motion controller


  • Boss RC-30 loop pedal
  • Digitech Polara reverb pedal
  • Digitech Frequout feedback pedal
  • Boss FV 500L Volume/expression pedal

Note from Emma:

I am always happy to work on projects with new software and hardware. The only limits I have are that nothing must damage my instruments – for example, I will not use adhesive on my instrument so if the piece requires a contact microphone to be stuck to the body of the violin, an alternative instrument must be found by the composer. If the piece involves software such as a max patch I ask that it is sent along with any notation/score. If it involves any hardware, similarly, I will need it to practise the piece and so if it is not something I own myself, the correct items will need to be provided in good time before the concert.



The Night With… is a concert series based in Glasgow presenting salon style concerts of interesting music in intimate, informal venues across Scotland and further afield. Run by composer Matthew Whiteside, it provides development and commissioning opportunities for young and emerging composers. In 2020 it won the SMIA award for Creative Programming at the Scottish Awards for New Music for the 2019 season and Timothy Cooper’s …shadows that in darkness dwell…, commissioned by The Night With…, was shortlisted for the Ivor’s Composer Awards.

A selection of work from the 2019 season can be heard on The Night With… Live Vol. One



Emma Lloyd is a violinist and violist specialising in the performance of experimental contemporary music and improvisation. She performs as a soloist and in small ensembles, working often with live electronics, and collaborating regularly with composers. In addition to the modern set-up, she plays a baroque violin and performs both baroque and contemporary music written specifically for this instrument.

As an improviser, Emma’s performance tends to be quiet and intimate in nature, exploring the innate timbral qualities of the violin, and discovering some of the often hidden sounds that can be found with her unique combination of technique and tools.

Ensembles include KUBOV, a violin/electronic duo with Jess Aslan, a duo with pianist Karin Schistek, and violin/viola duo Deux Mèches with Rachel Koblyakov.