Voices of Venus


Released 26th April, 2024

This album is cross-cultural artistic relationships fusing classical singers and electronic composers and artists, creating an imagined sonic landscape for Venus, our fierce protrectress and symbol of the feminist revolution. It explores timeless and repeating themes of rebirth and subconsciousness through music.

Order below or stream here: https://ffm.to/voices-of-venus

Performed by Juice Vocal Ensemble (Sarah Dacey, Anna Snow and Stef Connor)
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Timothy Cooper
Produced by Matthew Whiteside and Timothy Cooper
Executive Producer Matthew Whiteside

Design: Hlavi.com

Track List

1.Goddess Awake: Gazelle Twin

2. Not A Creature of Paper: Olivia Louvel

3. This Too Shall Pass: Matthew Whiteside

4. The Birth of Venus: Nwando Ebizie