Turn Ye To Me – Turning the Elements


Music for trumpet, tuba and electronics performed by a cellar full of noise (Tom Poulson trumpet, Danielle Price tuba and Timothy Cooper electronics) featuring music written by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Timothy Cooper, Diana Salazar, Alistair MacDonald and Oliver Searle.

Released on 19th August 2022. You can pre-order the physical album below or pre-save on your streamer of choice here: https://ffm.to/ag2mao0.OWE

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Track list

Track List

Three Pieces for Soprano and Clarinet: Rebecca Rowe

  1. Beautiful Feathered Tyrant
  2. Duologue
  3. Past Sula Sgeir

Turn Ye to Me: Traditional

Horo: Stuart Murray-Mitchell

  1. I. Ceól Na
  2. II. & III. Mahiri Dhu & Contrary Bird

Lux Perpetua: Joanna Nicholson

Do We, We Do: Beck Hansen (arr. Joanna Nicholson)


Gemini: Karlheinz Stockhausen, a cellar full of noise

Asper Strata: Diana Salazar, Tom Poulson

Virgo:  Karlheinz Stockhausen, a cellar full of noise

Breathing Space: Timothy Cooper, Danielle Price

Sagittarius:  Karlheinz Stockhausen, a cellar full of noise

Sequenza for Trumpet: Oliver Iredale Searle, Tom Poulson

Leo: Karlheinz Stockhausen, a cellar full of noise

Scatter:  Alistair MacDonald, Danielle Price

looking back: Timothy Cooper, a cellar full of noise

Gemini Cadenza: Karlheinz Stockhausen, a cellar full of noise


Trumpet: Tom Poulson
Tuba: Danielle Price
Electronics: Timothy Cooper
Recorded: Ledger Room, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland June 2021 Recording Engineers: Timothy Cooper & Matthew Whiteside
Mixed and Mastered: Timothy Cooper
Produced: Timothy Cooper & Matthew Whiteside



Soprano: Frances Cooper
Clarinet: Joanna Nicholson
Recorded: The Pearce Institute, Glasgow
Recording Engineers: Timothy Cooper & Matthew Whiteside
Mixed and Mastered: Timothy Cooper
Produced by: Timothy Cooper & Matthew Whiteside
Executive Producer: Matthew Whiteside
Cover Images: Frances Cooper
Design: halvi.com

Product Info

We are a cellar full of noise. We’ve been friends and colleagues since studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and were brought together by Matthew Whiteside for the 2017 The Night With… season.

After our first concert, audience member Penn Jilette said ‘I went down into that cellar full of noise and it was just wonderful, one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen’ and this is where we got our name. Having revisited the programme we performed on that Glasgow night in the years since, we met again in 2021 to record this album that includes recently composed pieces, and improvisations based on Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Tierkreis.

There is a kind of physicality in all the music on this album, a sense of scale, proximity, movement. Sounds you can observe passing by, sounds to inhabit, sounds seeming to come from inside your own head. It is this sense of your own place in this sounding world that defines looking out | looking up.

For us, it was exciting to work on translating the live show into a recorded
experience, finding ways to link the pieces together in the same playful spirit as our live performances, as we further explored the boundaries between improvisation and composition. Feeling the ways that improvising together affected other elements of our performance, we became even more playful in the ways we interpreted the music.