Alisson Kruusmaa

Member of the Estonian Composers’ Union since 2015

In June 2017, Alisson Kruusmaa graduated from the composition class of Helena Tulve. She holds both Bachelor and Master of Arts Diploma from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. In the semester of 2013/2014, she amended herself in the Conservatorio di Musica di Giuseppe Verdi di Milano, under the instruction of Professor Alessandro Solbiati.

Alisson Kruusmaa has written music for orchestras, ensembles and choirs as well as soloists. Her music is best described through etherial, fragile and spacious soundscapes featuring a delicate and sparse orchestration which gives listeners some time to reflect. Kruusmaa’s music has been performed by numerous talented artists, including ensemble SaxEst, Laura Põldvere (vocal), Maria Väli (vocal), Heigo Rosin (percussion), Johan Randvere (piano), Villu Vihermäe (cello) etc. Her works are often played at various concerts and festivals of contemporary classical music (Estonian Music Days, Autumn Festival of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre etc). In 2015, her Piece for Solo Piano and Symphony Orchestra was premiered by the symphony orchestra of EAMT and conductor Álvaro Gómez (Spain) at the Estonian Concert Hall. In 2017, Kruusmaa’s piece for symphony orchestra Circles, which was inspired by chrystalline patterns of Saturn’s rings, was also selected to be performed at the same venue.

So far, Kruusmaa’s most significant works are Mesmerism for clarinet and piano (2015), Piece for Solo Piano and Symphony Orchestra (2015), Songs of Silver Light for mezzo soprano, trumpet and piano (2017) and Silence of Birds for mixed choir (2017).

In 2013, she was awarded Erkki-Sven Tüür Young Composer’s Scholarship. In 2018, Kruusmaa was selected to participate at the 24th Young Composers Meeting by the world-renowned contemporary ensemble Orkest de Ereprijs where her piece „Rain“ (2018) won a prize for the best composition.