Displaced Sounds – 19th August, 2023

Emma Lloyd is an international performer, improviser, composer, and artist. She performs as a soloist and in small ensembles, working often with live electronics, and collaborating regularly with composers. In addition to the modern set-up, she plays a baroque violin and performs both baroq
ue and contemporary music written specifically for this instrument.

As an improviser, Emma’s performance tends to be quiet and intimate in nature, exploring the innate timbral qualities of the violin, and discovering some of the often hidden sounds that can be found with her unique combination of technique and tools.

Rylan Gleave – new work (w.p.)
Darlene Zarabozo – Are you there
Emma Lloyd – caprices esquisses
Émilie Girard-Charest – Mue
Egidija Medeksaite – Mishra Pilu
Matthew Whiteside – Freely, Darkly, Deeply (w.p.)


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